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A free download of "No Justice, No Peace" is available with an optional donation to one of the listed Oklahoma based organizations.

Free download of "Music for Memories" is available with optional donation to Rainn with the button below. 


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Film Scores

Concert Works

To experience more of my music, visit my Youtube Channel with the icon above. 

After the Final Hour - Mrs. Adams

I had the opportunity to score the film "After the Final Hour", written and directed by Faith Means, for the 2017 Red Carpet Film Festival. Here's the cue "Mrs. Adams" from the film.

Unsung Hero

Unsung Hero was composed for the Oklahoma Youth Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Dr. Charlene Dell while serving as the 2019 Oklahoma Youth Orchestras Composer in Residence.

More information on this piece can be found in the YouTube description and on the Works page.

An Object at Rest

An Object at Rest

This is the short animated film "An Object at Rest" created by Seth Boyden. I rescored the music to this film as a submission for the 5th International Film Music Competition. The original music to the video (which is in the link below) was created by Julian Beutel.​​

The Act of Remembering III. Time to Reflect

The Act of Remembering IV. 88002 (White Sands)

The Act of Remembering was premiered by the Oklahoma Composer's Orchestra as a part of the Oklahoma Modern Music Collective's "Homegrown" concert series on January 26th of 2020.

More information on this piece can be found in the YouTube description and on the Works page.

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