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Genre: Marimba Solo

Number of Players: 1

Duration: 6:30

*purchase of piece includes digital download

Embracing Uncertainty

  • I was inspired to write this piece after reading two books. “Unfu*k Yourself” by Gary John Bishop and “The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music” by Victor Wooten. Chapter 5 of the Bishop book talks about our fears of the unknown, and how we allow ourselves to remain comfortable in a variety of situations in our lives because of this fear. Bishop goes on to extinguish this fear by explaining how all of the great experiences we enjoy in life have come from this sense of uncertainty and that we should instead embrace it. The Wooten book reinvigorated my astonishment at the power of music, and provoked recollections of how I felt when I first began my musical journey.

    Both these books together got me thinking about how all of my greatest musical experiences have emerged from situations of uncertainty. From discovering a love for composing opera after embracing the opportunity to write one for a local company all the way to finding a love of teaching music I didn’t know I had. All of this despite my fears and apprehensions of not being good enough or any number of reasons that could have easily prevented me from taking part in these experiences.

    This piece aims to capture this feeling of uncertainty and encourage the mindset of “Embracing Uncertainty” in all of life’s endeavors.

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